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cleaning & organizing

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What We Do:

Our mission as a company is to provide our ​clients with superior customer service that ​leaves them at ease and confident in our ​ability to deliver a clean, safe environment ​to them. We enter your home with the ​intention of making an improvement in your ​life, whether that means helping you ​transform your home, maintain it, or teach ​you how to improve your habits through the ​skills of organization.

House Cleaning Services

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Recurring ​Cleaning

One Time & Move

In/Out Cleaning

commercial ​office Cleaning

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Cleaning ​Portfolio

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Having a clean, organized home is about ​more than just having a beautiful space. It ​allows you to gain your time, energy, and ​resources back so that you have the freedom ​to experience the things that really matter.

Organizing & Interior Design ​Services

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Interior Design

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For every minute spent ​organizing is an hour ​earned

-benjamin franklin

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Come back to ​Read Our Blog ​on July 15, 2024!

Keep up with me each week as I write about everyday life as an organizer and business owner, walk you through different organizational systems, and share habit-building skills that teach you how to improve your environment and allow your life to blossom.

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“Why change? Everyone has his ​own style. When you have found it, ​you should stick to it.” ― Audrey ​Hepburn

Wanting to decorate your home ​according to your unique sense of ​style but don't know where to ​start? Give us a call, we can help!

contact information

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to book a consultation with us please ​call or send a message to 520-477-2290, ​or dm us on one of the social media ​pages below.

If you'd like to submit a testimonial,

please send it to the following email: ​ecao.services@gmail.com.

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Reviews & Testimonials

see what our previous clients have ​thought about our work.

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I hired Emily to do a deep cleaning on a property that I was ​selling. She made everything sparkle, honestly I feel it was the ​cleanest the room had been in 20+ years. She is a hard worker ​and dedicated to doing a great job. I highly recommend her and ​will use her again.


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A Closet to REmember

Men’s closets matter too! Come with ​us as we straighten this husband’s ​space up and make his wardrobe feel ​like one fit for a king.

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The main thing this closet needed was ​some straightening up, but there were ​also a few things mixed in that didn't ​belong, so I started by removing said ​items and categorizing the different ​types of clothing. Then, I began ​creating a system that would be easy ​to keep up for someone with a working ​lifestyle.

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Button ups

are a staple in any working man's closet, ​and in this one there were a lot of them!

I wanted to put them on display so that

they were easy to see and grab quickly ​when getting ready in the morning, so I ​utilized the space's built-in compartments ​with glass doors for this rather than

tucking them away in a drawer. Next, I ​lined up his suit pants/jackets, and nicer ​shirts underneath them to create an ​easily accessible, versatile office section.

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were separated into 3 categories for this ​closet: Slacks, Jeans, and Athletic wear. As ​mentioned before, the slacks were hung in ​the compartment underneath the button ​up shirts to make them easily accessible ​for work. I ended up hanging the athletic ​pants to the left of them, since they're ​lightweight and can be worn with polo ​shirts as well. Then, I folded the jeans and ​displayed them on the shelves to the right ​of the button up shirts, giving them a nice

storefront looking effect.

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Underwear, Socks, & T-Shirts... Oh My! These 6 drawers were filled with many a garment-

I straightened up the daily underclothing and created 4 separate drawers for T-Shirts & Pajamas, ​Athletic Tops, Shorts, and lastly, Winter Accessories for when it gets chilly out.

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Tie-ing up the project

Can you guess if the pun was intended...? We know,

we're being extra- but we have to be in order to give

our client's spaces the FLARE they deserve. Treat ​your accessories with respect by displaying them in ​color order. That way you can find your purple & gold ​tie when you're feeling downright Royal, Darling.

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Shoe!...Get on

Outta Here!


It's time to run... but wait! We need ​our shoes! They come with us ​everywhere so there's no escaping ​them! Line them up next to your ​jackets in style and color order, ​take your jacket, bundle up, and ​they'll be ready for you to grab on ​your way out the door.

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It's time to get ready...

and you can't find your lipstick,

again. Its 7:44am, you have to leave ​at 7:45, and lets be real, the one ​you're looking for probably isn't in

this drawer, but yes, you're

absolutely going to take

extra five minutes to

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look for it before remembering it's in your purse, because this shade ​of rose is the one that matches your blush today and... oh no. ​You're 10 minutes late to work, for the 5th time this week.


And Here It Is....

Give your Vanity the reset it ​needs this weekend to avoid ​another Manic Monday!

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morning routine

in a box

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We LOVE a good box for keeping ​beauty products in their place. This is a ​simple, eye-catching way to organize ​your makeup, especially if you don't ​have a ton of it, but have enough that ​it gets out of hand (More than what ​you can fit in 1 makeup bag...a regular ​sized, makeup bag.)

one stop get ready shop

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It's perfume, It's jewelry, It's sunglasses, ​its.... everything! Most women have a spot ​like this in their house. It provides all of the ​finishing touches you need to add to your ​outfit before heading out the door. It often ​also doubles as what we call a drop zone, a ​place you put things when you've got your ​hands full at the end of the day. This means ​it gets disorganized quickly, especially for ​those of us with busy lifestyles. Having a ​system that works for you can help keep it ​under control.


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Necklace jewelry
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Cash and Cheque
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